2016-09-26 Event's page
New chapter Nearby passed for orienteering events.

2016-05-13 09:04:47 CET+1 10000000

2016-03-04 race result
race result timing system support implemented.

2015-12-31 History
We have added the results of Lithuanian championships in foot orienteering from the year 1966.

2015-07-19 New language

2015-06-24 Split times
Split times analysis have been implemented for the participant. The information is similar to one line of split table, but is more compact and intended for printing.

2015-03-19 Registration
New option in the registration - online payments through the site Paysera.

2014-12-30 Web page
For your convenience, webpage address shortened to HTTPS protocol.

2014-10-20 Orienteering history
We have added the results of recent CISM world military orienteering championships.

2014-07-15 New language

2014-06-10 00:21:33 CET+1 7000000

2014-06-05 Free participants
Registration to the team competitions (relay and rogaining) was expanded. Now everybody can declare himself as free participant (looking for a team) in DB Topas web page.

2013-11-29 Split times
Split times have been implemented for rogaining competitions (free controls order).

2013-10-09 Split times
Split times have been implemented for relay competitions.

2013-09-23 11:49:25 CET+1 6000000

2013-08-26 New language

2013-07-30 New language

2013-07-08 New language

2013-05-01 RFID
RFID timing system support implemented.

2013-03-26 8:53:20 CET+1 5000000
Five millionth visitor have visited our website.

2013-03-25 New language

2013-02-16 Events page
The organizers of bicycle or running events may announce the distance on the map. What it looks like you'll find in the pages of running events this year.

2013-01-30 Events page
A new chapter Maps added to the Events information.

2012-12-17 New language

2012-12-09 New language